Operations Team

Donna Conroy

Wellbeing Manager and Operations Team Leader

Nicole Goodrich

Administration Officer and Young Parents Worker

Sage Emmerson

Community Engagement Manager

Christine Tan

Finance Officer

Local Pathways to Work Team

Kirsty Smith

Local Pathways to Work Team Leader

Natalie Le Blanc

Busi Events – Traineeship Supervisor

Ashleigh Dawson

Green Project – Traineeship Supervisor

Rycille Tighe

Employment Coach

Erin Kemp-Upton

Employer Relations Worker

Jeremy Hahl

Learning Support Officer

Nadine Rowles

Learning Support Officer

Youth Services Team

Paula Bessems

Youth Services Team Leader

Jasmine King

Youth Worker

Chantelle Brohier

Youth Worker

Lachie Zettl

Youth Worker

Children and Families Team

Jodi Robertson

Lead Families and Children Worker

Cynthia Hunt

Pasifika Worker

Sel Fasi

Pasifika Worker

Bean Seen Team

Scarlet Gallagher

Bean Seen Cafe Manager

Judy Hearnshaw

Bean Seen Cafe Assistant