Operations Team

Donna Conroy

Wellbeing Manager

Susan Stewart

Executive Manager – Youth and Community Services (Acting)

Bonni Guilfoyle

Executive Manager – Youth and Community Services

Sage Emmerson

Community Engagement Manager

Local Pathways to Work Team

Kirsty Smith

Local Pathways to Work Team Leader

Pina Asekona

Busi Events – Traineeship Supervisor

Stan Long

Green Project – Traineeship Supervisor

Natalie Le Blanc

Busi Events – Progression Coach

Erin Kemp-Upton

Employer Relations Worker

Jeremy Hahl

Youth Destinations Worker

Youth Services Team

Jasmine King

Youth Services Case Worker

Chantelle Brohier

Youth Services Case Worker

Lachie Zettl

Youth Services & PUSH! Case Worker

Children and Families Team

Jodi Robertson

Lead Families and Children Worker

Nadine Rowles

Indigenous Families and Children Worker

Daniel Bateson

Dad’s Playgroup Worker & PUSH!

Cynthia Hunt

Pasifika Worker

Sel Fasi

Pasifika Worker

Bean Seen Team

Julie Logan

Bean Seen Café Manager

Holly Moore

Bean Seen Café Assistant

Judy Hearnshaw

Bean Seen Café Assistant