Youth Access Moreton Bay Initiative (YAMBI) program supports young people aged 12-21 years in the Deception Bay area.

YAMBI works with young people in several ways:

  • Providing support and pathways to find the right services to meet needs.
  • Working with young people to achieve their goals
  • Working with young people when intensive support is needed.
  • Helping young people and families work through challenges and relationships.

YAMBI is there to listen, hear the voice of young people and work with them to achieve their goals.

Support offered to young people and their families by our YAMBI youth workers is driven by the needs of young people themselves. It may include working with young people on a variety of circumstances including:

  • Court Support
  • Family breakdown
  • During crisis (housing, financial, mental health)
  • Financial difficulties
  • Accommodation support
  • Food parcels
  • Drug and Alcohol
  • Mental health
  • Community conflict
  • Employment Links
  • Education

For more information on the YAMBI program contact our Youth Services team on Ph: 3204 0277

If you are a young person and would like support, please click here

(Funded by the Department of Communities, Queensland Government)